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Orthopedics Drapes

Orthopedics Drapes
  • HD Extremity Drape
  • HD arthroscopy Drape
  • HD Hip Drape with pouches
  • HD Split Drape
  • HD Top Drape
  • HD Hand Drape
  • HD Dual Split Shoulder Drape
  • Split Drape
  • Split Drape Sheet
  • Orthopedic Split Drape
  • Arthroscopy Drape for Dropped Leg Procedures
  • Arthroscopy Drape with Armboard Covers
  • Hand Drapes
  • Hip Drape
  • Hip drapes with Pouches
  • Extremity Drape
  • Extremity Drape with Armboard Covers
  • Bilateral Limb Drape
  • Beach Chair Shoulder Drape
  • Shoulder Drape
  • Top Drape
  • Patient Isolation Drape
  • Shoulder Pouch


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