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What is BodyGard™

What is BodyGard™

BodyGard™ FLX 2000 Series  Premium DisposableCoveralls

BodyGard™ Premium coveralls are  limited life disposable coverallsproviding  increased personal protection, from both  hazardous particulates and potential chemicalhazards.


CE 0624 certifies BodyGard™ FLX2000 for type 5 and type 6protection.

The fabric used in the  manufacture for BodyGard™  premium coveralls is 58grm/sq  meter, breathable andanti-static  material.

The standard design BodyGard™  coverall consists of a one-piece  garment with hood. Seams are  bound and sewn 8+/-1 stitches per  inch. Hood, wrists, waist andankles  are elasticised. Reinforced crotch  pleats and heavy duty zipper cover  flap.

Self-adhesive strip provides additional  particle and chemical hold-out by  securely sealing the zipperbeneath the  cover-flap.


Two pieces of material are joined witha

thread stitch that interlockseconomically.

Applications: Basic protection formost


Sewn and BoundSeam

Two pieces of material joined with an  overlay of similar material, andchain

stitched through all of the layersfor

increased strength plus holdout ofliquids  and dryparticulates.

Applications: Hazardous particleprotection  and Iight splashsituations.

Ultrasonic WeldedSeam

Similar to a bound seam, with additional  protection due to the fusion, under heat&  pressure, of the material at the seam. No  thread (or needle holes)required.

Applications: heavy-duty chemicaland



Two pieces of the same fabric aresewn

together. The seam is then overlaid witha

barrier tape that is applied under heatand  pressure to form a liquidseal.

Applications: heavy-duty chemicalsplash  protection and particleprotection.

BodyGard™ Premium Coveralls.manufactured  from premium breathable soft, anti-static  58gm/sqmfabric








BodyGard™ PremiumCoverall.

Manufactured from Premium BreathableSoft,

Anti-Static 65gm/sqmfabric

Test Method EN368 offers 100% Protectionagainst:







Silicone Free and Ultra Low Linting, ideal for use in Critical Painting  Applications and Reducing the Risk of Contamination(Semi-Conductor  Industry &Telecommunications)

The BodyGard™ overall is Lightweight, Durable with Superior Soft  Comfort. Complete with Elastic Hood, Wrists, Waist, and Ankles and  Zipper Cover Flap with Self Adhesive Tape, providing additionalprotection.  Also has reinforcing crotch pleats, providing superior tear resistance and  room tomove.


BodyGard PremiumCoverall.

Manufactured from Premium BreathableSoft,

Anti-Static 58gm/sqmfabric

CE 0624 certifies that BodyGard™ coverallscomply  with chemical protective clothing Type 6 Limited  Chemical Splash and Type 5 Particle Protection,  enabling Bodygard™ coveralls to be distributed  globally



•BodyGard™ premium coveralls are manufactured using premium  soft microporous fabric which denies penetration of liquid & particle  molecules from the outer surface & yet allows the vapour moleculesto  pass from the inside to outside which equates to increased wearer  comfort &productivity.



Flammability: Class1

This particular classification (under 16CFR 1610) and our certificationunder

EN13274-4 method 3, resistance to ignition are both recognised under ISO6941-

2003 as representing similar performance minium requirements. BodyGard™ FLX  2000 results "show No drop formation (fusing), is self-extinguishing and has a after-flame time of <5seconds.

"BodyGard™ is not flame resistant and should not be worn nearhot

surfaces, flame and spark generatingprocesses"

Surface Resistivity –ASTMD257

This particular ASTM reference to fabric surface resistivity performance(fabric

antistatic capability) now references EN1149-1 antistatic performance requirements.  BodyGard™ FLX 2000 was tested toEN1149-1.


Itistheresponsibilityoftheuserofthesegarmentstoascertainthelevelof exposureofthehazardandtheselectionofthecorrect

personal protective equipment required for his or herapplication.

FELIXanditsdistributorsassumenoobligationorliabilityinthe improperuse ofBodyGard™ProtectiveCoveralls.


BodyGard™ FLX 2000seriescoveralls

are now also certifiedfor:


Protection against BiologicalRisk  EN14126 :2001



Radioactive ContaminationEN1073-2


Brand:Cov =Coverall

Tech =Technology

3 = Category 3, PPE of ComplexDesign

6 = Type 6 Limited Liquid ChemicalSplash

5 = Type 5 Solid Particulate ChemicalProtection

P = Premium QualityFabric


Suitable for a variety of tasks, from working with hazardous dusts  through to chemical handling and is especially well suited forcritical  processes in many industries,including:



Synthetic mineral fibre installation anderadication

Food andpharmaceutical  Painting and spraying  Electronic assembly  Mining

Industrial manufacturing andmaintenance



Use only where the risk of chemical exposure is LOW & clearly defined as such. Check the coverall  before wearing –if defective do notuse.

Limitations ofUse

DO NOT use with highly toxic or hazardous chemicals, chemical vapors & gases. Avoid intense heat or  direct naked flame, sparks or hot surfaces –BodyGard™ Coveralls begin to melt at 120˚C. The user  shall be the sole judge for proper use of BodyGard™Coveralls.

Care andDisposal

Do not wash, iron, tumble dry or dry clean. Do not use chlorine based bleaches. After use,  dispose of immediately. Method of disposal will depend on the level & type of contamination &  government/local regulations. Incineration is the preferredmethod.


Please ensure that BodyGard™ Coveralls are suitable for the intended use & comply with regulatory  requirements.Felix Nonwovens & its distributors accept no responsibility for improper use of BodyGard  coveralls.




Anti-static treatment: Special treatment helps to prevent build-upof  static. Electricity which could present a major safety risk in certain  industries.


Penetration Resistance: Material resistance to liquid penetrationis  measured using ASTM F903. the outside surface of the material in  question is exposed to the test chemical for onehour.



•PermeationResistance:ASTMF739isusedtomeasurethe  permeation resistance of materials. Permeation is the molecular  movement of chemicals through a material. If exposure to  chemical vapours is a concern, this data shouldbe analyzed.


•Tensile Strength: The force required to break a material apart by  pullingitfromopposingdirections.Measuredinpoundsandisreported  in twodirections.



when applied perpendicular to its surfacearea.

•Tear Resistance: The force required to tear through amaterial


once a tear has beeninitiated.

•Puncture(orSnag)Resistance:Theforcerequiredto  puncture a material with a sharp probe, such as anail.



Air Permeability: The ability of a material to freely pass air,measured  as the number of cubic feet that can be passed in a square foot of  material. Non-breathable materials allow no air permeation. Note:  Some materials may report zero air permeability, but may still have  breathability.

Water Vapor Transmission: In this test the rate in which a material  allows transmission of water vapor is measured. The rate is reportedas  ounces of water that can pass through a square yard of material in one  hour The ability of a material to allow water vapor transmission is  related to wearer comfort because body cooling occurs through the  evaporation ofsweat.


Type 5 Particle EN13982

Protection against hazardous dust and dryparticles

Type 6 Chemical EN13034

Limited chemical splash protection against some  hazardouschemicals


Anti-static protection compliant to European  standards

Radioactive  EN1073-2

Protection against radioactivecontamination

Anti-viral ASTMF1671

Protection against viral andblood-borne  pathogens


Strong  Anti-Static  Breathable

Particle Protection  Chemical SplashProtection  SiliconeFree

Lightweight  Durable



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